Insider Tips for the Duluth Airshow

Remember to use our hashtag, #DuluthAirshow

What to bring

  • Ear protection: Especially for children. There will be earplugs at the show, but some of the planes are loud… really, really loud. The announcer does a great job of letting the crowd know when ear protection is needed ahead of time, so no one will need to wear earplugs all day. Foam earplugs are available for free as you walk into the show from the Essentia Health booth, but they don’t always work well for small children. We recommend over the ear protection for children.
  • Hand sanitizer and disposable wipes: We will have a lot of sanitizer around, but it’s never a bad idea to bring your own!
  • Bag chairs:  Unless you have purchased a Presidential Chalet or Flight Line ticket in advance, you will need to bring your own seat. The Airshow is different than an outdoor concert where a blanket might work; you will definitely want a chair for this event, because the pavement can get hot and uncomfortable.
  • Cash: There will be ATMs onsite, but it will be easier for you to have cash. The food and beverage vendors take cash or credit card. Also, a reminder that coolers and outside food and beverage aren’t allowed at the show, so plan to eat onsite.
  • Sunscreen: Wear sunscreen and reapply often! Shade is scarce at the Duluth Airshow, which is great for amazing views of the planes, but sunscreen is definitely a must have.
  • Camera/Smartphone: We love seeing how everyone is enjoying the airshow, so use the hashtag #duluthairshow on social media to share your pictures!

What to wear

  • Layers: Dress in layers and keep them with you. Duluth weather can be unpredictable, so bring extra layers with you! It can get to be a long walk back to the car if the weather changes unexpectedly.
  • Ponchos: Bring ponchos instead of umbrellas! The weather forecast looks amazing for the upcoming Duluth Airshow, but should our unpredictable Duluth weather switch things up on us (never happens right?!?), you want to be able to move quickly, stay dry, and watch the show even if it’s raining.
  • Hats & Sunglasses: Consider a hat and sunglasses – much of the day will be spent looking towards the sky!

Insider Tips

  • Use the restroom BEFORE heading back to your vehicle after the show. Like any large scale event, thousands of people leaving at the same time may lead to having some car time on your hands while traffic is directed out of the lots.
  • See it all! Stop by the Information Booth on your way into the show to grab a map of the Duluth Airshow grounds.